Who Is Jesus?

More than a prophet, teacher, miracle-worker, or starter of a new religion, Jesus is God who become a human being.   Of course, he did preach and teach and perform miracles and confront injustice.  But, Jesus the promised Messiah (Christ) claimed to be divine.  And he proved it.

After he was crucified and buried, he was resurrected to life, verifying the veracity of his claim to be Lord and vindicating his death as payment for the sin of the world.  

This is the basic truth of the Gospel, God’s Good News.  Creator God loves His world of people infinitely, so much that he chose to come to earth as a man.  Living in complete fulfillment of the divine design for humanity, Jesus gave his life as an atoning sacrifice, offering forgiveness for every way of rebellion against God.  

Of course, mere intellectual agreement with this truth or cognitive assent to this concept is insufficient.  What God desires is our willful acceptance of His free gift and our trust in his redeeming grace.   In short, God wants a relationship of love and faith with us.

All religions of the world tell people that they must do things in order to be accepted in this life and in the next.   Do, Do, Do!   But rites, rituals, regulations, and all works of religion can not earn divine acceptance or merit atonement and forgiveness.   No amount of deeds can ever be enough.  There is simply no way for us to pay for the full and eternal life God wants to give us.  

He offers it freely.  In fact, God has done all that is necessary in Christ’s death and resurrection.  Done, Done, Done.  And that is very liberating.

When we turn away from our selfishness (repentance) and turn to God (faith), we receive what he intends—forgiveness of our sins and the gift of life in all its fullness, now and forever.

So really, God gives us a choice.  Do we take Jesus for an imposter, a liar?  Do we pass him off as a crazy man, delusional to have made such claims?  Or do we acknowledge Christ as divine, the one, true Savior of the world and of our souls?

All those who place their faith in Jesus as Lord begin a new life.  Belief in Christ allows transformation to begin.  

After Jesus’ ascension into heaven, God sent His Holy Spirit to live inside each believer, to enable redemptive living and learning and serving.

Are you ready to follow the Lord Jesus in faith?