Becoming a member of Columbia demonstrates a commitment to Jesus Christ and His church. If Columbia has become your church home and you seek to impact His message here, we invite you to become a member of our fellowship. Our community is dedicated to walking along side you in your spiritual journey and to help you grow and become a whole life discipleship.


Why become a member?

Members have the the privilege of participating in business meetings, voting on issues that affect the body of the church, affirming new members and the budget. Membership is also required to volunteer for any leadership or teaching positions.


How to become a member.

The best way to pursue membership is to attend the Columbia Way class. This class will cover all aspects of membership, including the three ways in which you can join our fellowship;

  • Baptism
  • Statement
  • Transfer of Letter

Want to get started right away? Please contact our Pastor for Adult Discipleship, Eric Reiser at 703-534-5740, ext 270.