Project 78

Leading the next generation to know God…Psalm 78:1-7

We believe parents are the primary faith shapers in the lives of children, and believe the role of the local church is to come alongside our parents in an intentional way, encouraging and equipping them to lead their children to both know and love Jesus. As primary faith shapers, we understand the role of parents can be challenging, and that it takes the entire community to raise children just as it has since the beginning of time.  To this end, we have sought to approach our discipleship a little differently.

Project 78 is an intentional discipleship “partnership”, where each member of your family has an opportunity to explore the same scripture regardless of age or day you attend Columbia. Project 78 has the same scripture, for all ages, for all programs.  

Columbia's Church & Home Partnership will help:

  • Families explore the same Scripture in age-graded Preschool, Grade School, Teen's, or Parent's classes.
  • Families choose a time to worship together.
  • Families emerge from church with common reference points to spark discussion and application at home.
  • Children reinforce the same Scripture families study on Sunday in all programs throughout the week.
  • Parents confidently become the spiritual champions of their children. 

Project 78 Program Opportunities:

Sunday Mornings for all ages
Ignition Groups: 9:45 & 11:15am
Worship Services: 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15am

Wednesday Nights

Family Dinner - 5:15-6:15pm
Bible Study for all ages - 6:30-8:00pm

Weekdays: Monday-Friday
Child Development Center: Full Day, Morning and Afternoon Programs
Student Ministry In-Home Huddle Groups

Wednesday Mornings

Mom's Bible Study & the Children's Program

2nd & 4th Friday Mornings: 9:45-11:45am

MOPS for Mothers of Preschoolers and their Preschoolers

3rd Tuesday Evenings: 7:00-9:00 pm
MOPS for Mothers of Preschoolers and their Preschoolers