Mom's Bible Study

Fall Session begins September 12th- JOIN US!

For Moms and Childcare: Register HERE

Our 1st meeting will be an Open House for anyone and everyone to come and see what we are about.  Brunch, coffee, a short study and a chance to meet all of the wonderful women who make up Mom's Bible Study.

It’s an incredibly common struggle for moms - finding time and tools to read and study the Bible. It’s so easy to allow it to slip out of our priorities.

We try to steal time by sneaking outside to the porch or to our room to get a few minutes of Bible reading in and never even get the Bible open.  Either someone will find us because they need something (no biggie, that’s why we are mom), or we sit there as if there’s literally a battle with opening my Bible.  We just sit there, with it in our lap.

Sometimes we lack direction--"What do we read?" Sometimes we talk ourselves out of it because a few minutes just isn’t enough time to devote to God. So, we devote nothing.

Can you relate? 

If you are new to the Bible or have been studying your whole life, this is the place for you!!  We are a community of moms of all ages and stages, who meet for coffee, carbs and community that is centered around the study of God’s Word. We value the time to meet women in all life stages, share our joys and concerns as moms and strengthen our spiritual muscles in authentic community. We believe community is gift, prayer changes everything, and knowing God’s Word is foundational for living life to its fullest. 

A children’s program is offered, with registration, and leads children through a study of their own.


"Studying Scripture with a community of women is a gift - even on hard days, I am blessed by their company, prayers, and the Word." ~Mandy, Mom of 3 boys

If you are a new mom, new to the area, or just plain need some moms to hang with, come join us!  We get you!

Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30am, Room 229 

Questions? Email Kim Murphy