Preschool Ignition Group

Also known as IG's

SUNDAY MORNINGS @ 9:45 and 11:15
Preschool Ministry serves children Birth through Kindergarten.  We are honored that you trust us with your children and will do everything in our power to provide a safe and secure environment where your children will learn the love of God through exploration, play and music.   As children grow we know that they become curious about the world around them.  Their curiosity allows us to introduce them to the Creator of all things.  We are excited to work with parents in introducing our all-powerful, loving God in ways that are fun and unforgettable.  

Currently , we are using The Gospel Project Curriculum but Lifeway for the preschoolers.  Lifeway allows us to partner with parents in helping the very young take their first steps toward learning about God.  

*Christina Wells, Interim Minister to Preschoolers 
Oversees Sunday morning IGs for babies-Kindergarten and collaborates with staff and volunteers for all other church related activities involving Preschool age children, including special events and programs, childcare, Family Dedication, etc. 

Nursery/Preschool IG Volunteer Coordinators
These lay leaders manage staffing and communications with our IG volunteers. They would love to hear from you if you’re interested in serving!

9:45 Nursery- OPEN
9:45 Todlers/Preschool- Missy Small:
11:15 Nursery- Jim & Linda Frye:
11:15 Todlers- Deanna Harvey:
11:15 Preschool- Missy Patterson:

Elisa Lessard, 9:45 Greeter Coordinator 
Elisa leads the Preschool Greeter Team at 9:45 for Sunday IGs. 

Cy and Ali Kouhestani, 11:15 Greeter Coordinator 
Cy and Ali lead the Preschool Greeter Team at 11:15 for Sunday IGs. 

Denita Relaford, Hospitality Coordinator 
Denita leads snack planning and preparation for Sunday morning Preschool IGs.  

Catherine Davis, Family Dedication Coordinator 
Coordinates scheduling between families and church staff for Family Dedications. Assists with planning and leading First Steps Classes. Finalizes logistics and details for Family Dedications. Contact her to request a dedication.

* Indicates Staff Member