Ignition Group Study Topics

Our Ignition Groups examine use a variety of study materials.  Here are the main types of study topics:

Project 78 Ignition Groups:  These IGs use LifeWay's all-ages The Gospel Project curriculum so that parents are studying the same biblical passages as their children. This material is a three-year, chronological, Christ-centered, approach to studying Scripture. For fall 2017, the focus is on Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension.

Sermon Based Ignition Groups:  These IGs use a sermon based approach in which they discuss that week's sermon passage. Discussion questions help reinforce whole-life discipleship.  The fall sermon series is The Principle of Reciprocity.

Topical studies IGs:  These groups select short-term study topics such as a book of the Bible, a contemporary Christian book, video-based material, The Gospel Project, or sermon based.

Life skills IGs:  These Wednesday night IGs help equip people with life skills from a biblical perspective.  Such skills include financial management and marriage preparation.

Faith-at-work Nexus IGs:  Our Nexus groups are four-person groups which focus their discussion on how faith in lived out at work and how our work contributes to the good of society.  These groups meet at times and locations set by the group.