Gardens & Nutrition Classes

Attention Small Groups and Families!

Choose a day to serve in the gardens to harvest, weed and water. We have crops that will grow into the month of October!  Work with a Spend Yourself® Gardens team member to become comfortable to serve Him in this way.  These gardens provide hundreds of pounds of produce to the families served in our Food Pantry.

About the Spend Yourself® Gardens

Since 2010, Columbia's garden ministry has demonstrated to Food Pantry clients how to grow vegetables traditionally, as well as through earth boxes and containers.  Each year more vegetables and herbs are  given to the Food Pantry.  We have four gardens. Two gardens are located on our Falls Church Campus, including 50 earth boxes and a bean teepee!  The largest garden is located on our Crossroads campus.  Food Pantry families and other volunteers grow vegetables and herbs in 18 raised beds, one in-ground garden, as well as potato towers, and containers. Our fourth garden is located in Fairfax County's Pine Ridge Park.  Through December 31, 2017 we provided the Food Pantry with 3,358pounds of produce.

About Nutrition and Cooking Classes

In a cooperative effort with The Virginia Cooperative Extension, we offer free Nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations to teach Columbia's Food Pantry clients and the community how to eat better.   We use the vegetables and herbs provided through our very own gardens!  Classes are held the first Sat of the month from January through June from 8:15-9:15 am.

 We are pleased to now offer six week Cooking Matters courses one evening per week. We are grateful for our partnership with Share Your Strength! If you are interested in attending, contact Georgianna Hall for class dates and times.

Get Involved

Donate excess or no longer needed garden tools
Donate a portion of the produce from your home garden to the Food Pantry
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For our volunteers, Food Pantry clients, gardens and classes

Help harvest, weed and water our gardens!  Learn More
Help receive and package produce that is harvested or donated to the Food Pantry.  Learn More
Assist in setting up for nutrition and cooking classes.  Learn More


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