What If?

What if Columbia didn’t exist?

Columbia has a long, rich history that has shaped us as a church and a community. The contribution each generation has made for the next cannot be forgotten. The legacy built by each generation before us compels us to open a new front door to Metro Washington and the world!  

Take a look at this picture of our fellow Columbians on April 11, 1948 outside of the old stone building.  


It was congregations like this, people committed to their church and faith in God, and also to the future of Columbia, who built our current buildings.  We join these brothers and sisters in Christ committing to invest in the future of those who will come after us.  It’s so appropriate that these Columbians who gathered outside on a cold April day, embracing their Bibles are photographed in  front of open church doors!

But what if Columbia didn’t exist?

Think about all the generations who have come before us and all who will come after us. Think about the hundreds and hundreds of families Columbia is privileged to serve through the CDC and Family Ministry each year. If Columbia didn’t exist, who would serve them?

We have a unique opportunity to serve a vast community so close to Washington, D.C. It provides us a chance to reach families as they move into the area; even for those here for short-term job assignments (of which we have many!).


Join us on October 15 for Go Sunday - an all congregation worship & baptism service to experience what Columbia is today and to rejoice in our future. After the service, we will gather for a church wide luncheon and celebrate the progress we’ve made towards opening a new front door! Columbia has always been a congregation who opens their doors to the community and world around them. With G2G2, we continue that legacy!