What Does Victory Look Like?

As Victory Sunday approaches, you may have asked yourself, “What does Victory look like?”

To the ancient Israelites, Victory was often memorialized with a stone monument. This was what they had to offer as a lasting tribute to the Lord.

This Sunday, we will offer our own lasting tribute – to fulfill the work God has set out for us by igniting passion for Christ from Metro Washington to the World through our G2G2 campaign!

We will have a prayer experience on Victory Sunday. Think of it as an invitation from the Holy Spirit.

“The pleasure of your company has been requested…

When: This Weekend, October 15th & 16th, 2016

What: To join your fellow Columbians in prayer by submitting your prayer cards – these cards will declare who has been placed on your family members’ hearts. It could be one person, a group of people, or a ministry. Whoever has been placed on your hearts to walk through our new front doors can be illustrated or written by any family member!

Why: To declare Victory in Jesus’ Name because this campaign will glorify and honor our Lord!”

Please join us this weekend in our prayer experience. Get your hands on a prayer card before or at Victory Sunday and pray for a vision of who needs to come through these new front doors.