Update From The G2G2 Team


THANK YOU for your faithful and generous giving to Columbia’s building campaign!  Together, pledgers and givers are making a significant difference in helping us move closer to “opening a new front door to Metro Washington and the world!”

It’s been an exciting first quarter! Since January 1, Columbians have given an additional $444K in G2G, G2G2 and Front Door Share gifts.  The total gifts received is $6.0 Million, which is well over the break ground goal of $4.5 Million!  In terms of total gifts pledged, we are at $9.5 Million, leaving us a gap of $1.0 Million.  Throughout the campaign and giving period, we have seen God continue to work in the lives of many Columbians. We’re prayerful He will move the hearts of Columbians to pledge for the first time or increase their pledge amount so we can close this small gap.

The first Sunday of each month has been set aside as G2G/G2G2 “Front Door Sunday”. The purpose of this focus is to provide Columbians with frequent updates and relevant campaign information as we continue to work towards opening our new front door.  “Front Door Sunday” is an opportunity for Columbia to receive updates and to pray for God’s continued guidance as we see this work through to completion. We praise God for the many ways He is growing us as whole-life disciples.

Lucas McCann speaking to the congregation during April’s Front Door Sunday.

“Front Door Sunday” in April gave the G2G/G2G2 Team the opportunity to introduce a new initiative called Community Connect.  Community Connect is designed to enable increased giving to G2G2 while simultaneously strengthening our ties within Columbia and the community around us.  For an introduction to Community Connect, watch this video.

Community Connect purposes to accomplish two goals:

Strengthen the community within Columbia and Columbia’s relationship with the Falls Church community and surrounding areas.

Community Connect presents an opportunity for Columbians to engage with other Columbians outside of traditional worship and fellowship activities.  Columbians will be introduced, often times across generations, to other Columbians who are able to provide a needed service or product. Local community businesses are partnering with Columbia to give back a portion of sales made by Columbians.

Columbia Logo - Community Connect (002)

Increase Giving to G2G/G2G2

By supporting the businesses of fellow Columbians, we position business owners to increase their giving to Columbia. As Columbians utilize local businesses partnering with Columbia, businesses support G2G/G2G2 by giving a portion of sales to Columbia.

Participating in Community Connect (CC) is easy for everyone!  Business owners are encouraged to sign up as a Community Connect Partner and commit to giving a percentage of sales from Columbians to G2G/G2G2.  All Columbians are encouraged to purchase products and utilize services of CC Partner Network.

Coming soon! Community Connect will publish a directory of CC Partners which will be available on Columbia’s website. There will also be a newly developed free Community Connect phone app.  Be on the lookout for both of those resources!

For more information on G2G/G2G2 or Community Connect, please contact us at g2g2@columbiabaptist.org or communityconnect@columbiabaptist.org.

Thank you again to all Columbians who continue to sacrificially give towards G2G & G2G2! If you haven’t yet pledged, it’s not too late!  Visit the G2G/G2G2 Information Booth the first Sunday of each month or contact Donna Groover in the church’s financial office to make your G2G2 pledge!