We had a wonderful turnout at our first Community Connect Restaurant Night on Tuesday. We are happy to announce we raised nearly $500! Greater than that, it was an opportunity for Columbians to be out in our community connecting with a local business and other community members.


As part of our Community Connect vision, we were able to share with many non-Columbians our purpose of connecting the church community with the Falls Church and surrounding communities. Many of these community members were enthusiastic to support us by “dining with Columbia”! 

Our Senior Pastor Jim Baucom articulated this about the evening. "That event was great for much more than fundraising. It got us out into the community, and it allowed us to see ourselves as family apart from our place. It was great!!”


To look around the restaurant and see fellow Columbians made it feel like a big family was GREAT! Even the kids had fun!


We received many requests to do it again, which we are planning to do.  Be on the lookout for upcoming events!

You can now download the Community Connect App to your smartphone. Connect with CC Partners for goods and services and check out the latest news and events information. And did you know you can get discounts on things like travel and amusement? A member of Columbia recently saved $25 by purchasing tickets to Busch Gardens for her family through the Community Connect App! Click on the links below to download to your phone. It's FREE!

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