So, What Is A Family Giving Guide?

“Surely the land on which your foot has trodden will be an inheritance to you and to your children forever, because you have followed the LORD my God fully.” -Joshua 14:9

What an amazing thing, to be told you have “followed the Lord my God fully.” That phrase seems to capture the essence of being a “Whole Life Disciple.” Follow…fully. Not part of the way. Not in some things. All of it, everything, all the way to the finish line, wherever that ends up being for each of us. Following fully, of course, is what this new building is about – taking the next step on the path God has laid before our church and opening a new front door inviting others into the body of Christ.

If you made a financial pledge to G2G/G2G2 you should have received your giving report and the first “Family Giving Guide”.


The “Family Giving Guide” is meant to connect the experience of giving to your journey as a Whole Life Disciple. We hope it will equip and encourage you on this part of the journey. This campaign is about more than building a building, which is just a tool we will use for Christ’s ministry.  Jesus commands us to “go and make disciples”, and continuing to do that will involve finding new ways to welcome them.

Here’s a peek to the many helpful and encouraging components of the guide.

G2G/G2G2 Prayer – this prayer is meant for all Columbians as we take one step after another on the path God has set before us. We encourage you to pray this prayer for our church as often as you can, thinking particularly of our neighbors who have yet to discover Christ’s love and grace.


Excerpts from the Open Door Prayer Cards – these were filled out by our church family during the October campaign. These are prayers and desires those around you would like to see God fulfill through our new building.


Next Steps – here you will find suggestions for engaging with the campaign either for the first time or in a new and different way.  You will also find upcoming opportunities that the Boundless stewardship ministry at Columbia has to offer.

Whole Life Discipleship – this quarter’s guide features the “Integration” aspect of Whole Life Discipleship (as we learned from Dr. Baucom during the Whole Life Discipleship sermon series). We hope this short essay will equip families to have faithful discussions about why they are giving joyfully to help open our new front door. Families can also use the Giving Tracker on the back panel of the Family Giving Guide as they track their giving.


We hope you find encouragement in the Family Giving Guide as we journey together to open a new front door to our community.  Look for your next quarterly Family Giving Guide to be mailed to you with your G2G/G2G2 giving report in April. You can also pick up a copy at the Information Desk or the G2G/G2G2 ministry wall, or print a copy by clicking here.

As always, email with all of your comments and questions.