Q&A With Cliff & Sandy Perrin

Choosing to be part of “opening a new front door” has been a unique journey to each participating Columbian. God has called us to come together for this great task, but the ways and reasons for which He calls us is different; and that is what makes G2G/G2G2 a powerful testimony of what it looks like to be whole-life disciples.

Over the next several months, Columbians will be invited to share their experience at CBC and why they chose to participate in the G2G/G2G2 building campaign.

We are excited to hear next from Cliff & Sandy Perrin. They’ve been part of Columbia their entire lives! 

Tell us about your history with Columbia, including how you came to Columbia and how long you have been a part of CBC. 

We both grew up at Columbia, although we didn’t meet until after college.  Cliff’s family was very active in the church while Sandy’s family was not.  We both came to know Christ through involvement with caring, loving Sunday School teachers throughout our childhoods.  Cliff jokes that we predate all the current buildings at Columbia, and even we remember attending Sunday School in the old stone building.

1966 Stone Building - The Old Front Door File0170 - cropped

1966 Stone Building File0156 - cropped

We met and married at Columbia.  Our children, Heidi and Susan, were dedicated, baptized, and married there, too.

1974-10-12 - Sandy, Neal Jones & Cliff

2003 Susan & Heidi 0021

 What is your favorite aspect of being a part of Columbia?

 Our favorite aspects of being part of Columbia are the fellowship, worship, and multiple opportunities to serve alongside other Christians.  We have friendships that date back to childhood as well as many friends we’ve met as adults.

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We’ve experienced the mountains and valleys with many people and have always appreciated our church family.  We also appreciate and feel blessed by the incredible staff at Columbia.

 What do you see as the biggest challenge Columbia faces as we continue to ignite passion for Jesus Christ from Metro Washington to the World? 

We think the biggest challenges Columbia faces in the future are to remain relevant in today’s world and to continue to attract more people and lead them to Christ.  A more modern building will help with this challenge, but we all need to continue to live our core values.

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Why did you decide to be a part of G2G2? 

We remember when the church building was much smaller and there were houses surrounding the church, and, gradually, the church was able to buy the properties to have room to grow.  We appreciate the Columbians through the years who had the vision and the willingness to give the money needed to enlarge our facility to reach more people for Christ.  In our adult lives we’ve had opportunities to give for the same reasons and feel blessed to continue to give for the future of God’s Kingdom.  We never considered not being a part of G2G2.  Although, we’re now retired and living on a fixed income, we know that doesn’t excuse us from giving generously. 

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What is your desire for the next generation of Columbians? 

We pray that the next generation will continue the work of the Lord that previous generations began and feel as blessed as we do to be a part of such a vibrant church.