Open Wide

Our goal has been to “open a new front door” to Metro Washington, a new door through which the surrounding community might be attracted to us and through which we might be called to the surrounding community. Considering the cost of “doing business” in our mission field, opening this new door is a daunting undertaking, but the job is nearly done. The combined pledges of G2G and G2G2 are just about $1 million from what we need to begin construction. We are less than a tithe (1/10) away from our $10.5 million goal. Many doubted our capacity to come this close, and God is clearly doing something amazing in the life of Columbia!

Now the door is cracked, and it will not be long before we open it wide. Our G2G2 team is working on a strategy to finish the job, and we are exploring a number of creative options. Rest assured, we will finish this job. We already have enough cash and commitments in hand to begin moving forward. Detailed architectural drawings, cost estimates, government approvals, and other preliminary tasks will take us about a year no matter what. That leaves us with a 12 month window in which to raise the additional $1 million without slowing the construction process. If we are diligent, the first construction work could begin in Fall, 2017. This is beyond exciting!

In these days, I am praying for several things. First, I am praying for that Columbian (or those Columbians) to step forward and close this gap. There is someone (or there are a few) among us who could do that with the stroke of a pen and be that person who kicks the door down. Second, I am praying that all of us will continue to take next steps to make this happen. At the end of the day, there could be a number of us who step up together to get this job done. Third, and most importantly, I am praying that God will begin fitting us now for the future he has planned for us. Doors don’t much matter unless they lead into communities overflowing with God’s grace.

Open wide, Columbia! It’s time to close the gap and finish the job. Victory is just around the corner!