Introducing a New G2G2 Initiative: Community Connect, By Lucas McCann

The many gifts, talents and skills found among Columbians is exceptional and it is a blessing to see how God uses these unique qualities for His purpose and glory. The G2G/G2G2 Team is proud to introduce a new initiative designed to enable increased giving by Columbians while simultaneously strengthening our ties with the community around us. This new initiative is called Community Connect. 

Today fellow Columbian, Lucas McCann, has written a guest post explaining how Community Connect works and how we hope it will get us closer to opening our new front door!


As we make strides towards opening a new front door at Columbia, the G2G/G2G2 committee is constantly considering new ways to close the financial gap in the capital campaign. We want these initiatives to align with the values of the church including strengthening our community and encouraging Columbians to invite others in to the family of God.  This Sunday, April 2nd, Columbia will announce an exciting new program called Community Connect.

Columbia Logo - Community Connect (002)

What is Community Connect?

Community Connect is an opportunity for Columbians to connect on a new level by looking within the church first when purchasing everyday goods and services.  Have you ever considered the many Columbians who are electricians, real estate agents, web designers, babysitters, financial consultants, hairstylists, painters, dog walkers, jewelry consultants, furniture makers, artists, photographers, and even tutors?  By using the Community Connect network for these goods and services, we are able to support each other as we prepare our church for the next generation. inner-visuals-CONSUMER-CONNECT

Why Community Connect?

Community Connect will not only connect Columbians across generations with which we may not naturally find ourselves in community, it will also make valuable contributions to closing the financial gap in the capital campaign.  Each business/individual in this incredible network will donate a portion of the proceeds they receive to the Community Connect fund, which will be used exclusively to support the G2G2 building campaign.

In addition, Community Connect will strengthen our ties to the surrounding community. Columbia made a bold decision to invest in our Falls Church location because we believe strongly that God is calling us to serve in this exact place. To help facilitate this outreach, we will be organizing a series of local events that focus on providing an opportunity for each of you to invite that person or family you want to see walk through our new front door.  As we gather with great friends for food and fellowship, we will be asking local businesses to donate a portion of the proceeds they receive during these events to Community Connect.

We hope you are excited about this new project and all that it will do to ignite passion for Jesus Christ from metro Washington to the world!

Thank you Lucas! We look forward to hearing more about Community Connect in the coming weeks!

mccann family
From Top Left: Ryan Walker, Layton (Walker) McCann, Wren McCann, Lucas McCann. From Bottom Left: Walker McCann, Brent Walker, Nancy Walker