In Case You Missed it!

Columbia’s first “Front Door Sunday” was a success! The first Sunday of each month has been designated “Front Door Sunday” and will give Columbians an opportunity to receive updated campaign information, hear encouraging testimonies about how God is working through our joyful giving and to pray for God’s continued guidance as we see this work through to completion. Front Door Shares will also be made available for purchase, so be sure to stop by the table in the foyer or Gathering Grounds to purchase a share (as a reminder, Front Door Shares can also be purchased online or by calling the church).

In case you missed it, members of the G2G2 Team gave project and campaign updates at each weekend service and then hosted an Information Session. The following is a brief recap:

Project Update


The Project side of G2G/G2G2 continues to make progress. Here is the update delivered on Sunday, February 5.

  • Design development by the architect and design team continues.
  • Design development package is scheduled to be completed in May, at which point a design development construction estimate will be prepared.
  • The Geotechnical report for soil boring performed in December should be issued this week. This report will give us the soil information necessary to provide preliminary design of the foundation structure, below grade waterproofing, and support of excavation.

Once design development is complete, preparation of construction documents will commence. These documents are needed in order to submit a request for a building permit, which we plan to do later this year.

Rezoning/Parking Project Update

draftslidetoshowhouseparkingsituationDr. Baucom attended a Falls Church City Council meeting on 1/23/27 where they voted in favor of the proposal where parking would be allowed to take place behind the three houses that the church owns along N. Maple Ave. The next step in the process is approval by the Falls Church City Planning Commission later this month.

Campaign Update as of February 2, 2017


G2G and G2G2 Contribution Statements were sent out the first of January along with the Family Giving Guides. The reports reflected all individual G2G and G2G2 giving and pledges through 12/31/16. The contribution statements are set to go out each quarter with the Family Giving Guide. The next statement will be sent out around mid-April.

Here is the Campaign update delivered on February 5.

  • Current pledged amount is $9.5M (break ground goal is $10.5M)
  • Current money received is $5.6M (break ground goal of $4.5M)
  • 52 Front Door Shares have been sold ($26K).

In order to break ground, we needed to collect $4.5 million. We are happy to report that Columbians have exceeded the goal by over $1 million. That is incredible news – THANK YOU! Your faithful giving is making a difference, so please continue your joyful giving in fulfillment of your G2G and G2G2 pledges. Haven’t pledged yet? We still have a gap to close in the pledged amount. Consider making a pledge – every pledge counts! You can drop your pledge card off at the church office or email the G2G2 Team at for information on how to give.


Thank you to the many Columbians who stopped by the G2G/G2G2 Information Session/Booth or have submitted questions via email or the blog. We appreciate your feedback and the thoughtful questions being asked – keep them coming!


On “Front Door Sunday” we received several questions. Here is a sampling…

Do the church bylaws restrict the amount of money the church can borrow for the new building?
A: No, the bylaws do not restrict the amount of money the church can borrow.


Q: When can we apply for permits?
A: We will apply for our building permits later this year once design development is completed and construction documents have been prepared. We will continue to pursue the building side of the project while we work to close the very small gap left in the pledged amount.


Q: How are sales of Front Door Shares going?
A: The opportunity to purchase Front Door Shares seems to have met a need for those who would like to be part of “opening a new front door” but are unable to pledge at this time. We’ve also sold shares to those only at Columbia for a short time, were formerly a part of Columbia or those who’ve pledged but would like to do a little more. Many have purchased shares in memory or in honor of family and friends. As the sale of shares remains steady, we encourage you to consider purchasing a share as an IG or ministry team in honor of a leader or those you serve. Purchasing Front Door Shares is a great way to invest in the future of Columbia!

Do you have any questions about G2G/G2G2? Leave us a comment here or email us and a G2G/G2G2 Team Member will respond quickly.