G2G/G2G2 2nd Quarter Giving Report

The 2nd Quarter Giving Results are in for the G2G/G2G2 building campaign!  Through 6/30/17, the church has received over $6.7 million for both G2G/G2G2.  

Just announced! We have received over $10.1 million in Committed Funds towards our break ground goal of $10.5 million in pledges. This includes G2G/G2G2 pledges, as well as funds from the sale of Front Door Shares and gifts made without a pledge or made over and above a pledge.


This brings our current funding gap to only $397K.  In the coming months, we are confident we will meet the break ground goal of having $10.5M in Committed Funds through additional pledges, sales of Front Door Shares, the initiation of Community Connect, as well as continued giving over and above pledges.

What do all these facts mean? That Columbians are committed to opening our new front door. Have you been waiting to see what happens with the building campaign before you make your pledge? Would you consider pledging at this time? Pledges and contributions are coming in every day but we still need you now more than ever! Every dollar counts as we get closer and closer to closing the gap and opening our new front door!

How Can You Help Open Our New Front Door?

Make a pledge! You can call Donna Groover at 703-534-5740 x211 or email the G2G2 team at g2g2@columbiabaptist.org.

Buy a Front Door Share! Purchase online or contact the G2G2 team at g2g2@columbiabaptist.org

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please reach out to anyone on the G2G2 Team or email us at g2g2@columbiabaptist.org. We love hearing from you!