Commitment Sunday & Celebration



The G2G2 Team has been busy as we begin the third week of the campaign! During the past few weeks, IG groups have been studying special G2G2 bible lessons that are based on Dr. Baucom’s sermons during the worship services. The IG group sessions have led to really good discussions about this second phase of the campaign, G2G2, as well as the initial phase, G2G. which was launched in 2013. If you missed the September 18th worship service, please listen to Dr. Baucom’s sermon for an update and explanation on how each phase of the campaign provides us with an opportunity to respond by taking our next step.

The G2G2 Team has also been very busy getting ready for Commitment Sunday weekend (October 1-2) where all Columbians will have an opportunity to take the next step and turn in their G2G2 pledge card as part of their worship experience. If you are going to be out of town for Commitment weekend, you are encouraged to turn your pledge card in early. There is a secure box by the information desk where you can leave your card or you can mail it to the church to the attention of Donna Groover, Columbia’s Finance Director.

The Commitment services will be followed by a G2G2 Celebration event on the night of Sunday, October 2nd at 6pm. You won’t want to miss this time of celebration where there will be an exciting reveal of the project as well as a time for all Columbians to gather for food and fellowship! It promises to be a great time of celebration!!


Jim Frye

Also, don’t forget to stop by the G2G2 information booth that is located in Stephenson Hall and is opening before and after each of the Sunday morning services!