New Building


Back in October 2016, we set a goal to have $10.5 million committed to our new building. Since the giving period officially started in January of last year, we’ve not only achieved that goal, but we’ve surpassed it. Together, we have committed over $10.5 million and received $8.1 million (and counting) to the work of “opening a new front door to Metro Washington and the world”!

Now what?
We did it, but God is just getting started. A building is nothing but a tool for Kingdom work, not a strategy to accomplish it. That’s why we are also in the midst of a design planning process called 2020 Vision to help us prepare to for a successful opening of our new front door.

Project Update
 At the last business meeting, we provided an update on the building design process. As it happens in every project of this size, costs have increased.  Since we're committed to working towards the $17.8 million target you approved, we've spent the past several months working on getting the most value out of the design.  This updated design has: 
  • Same new construction space
  • Same large sanctuary layout
  • Slight increase in foyer space
  • Reduced demolition
  • Eliminated "shelled-in" basement space
    - Was not cost effective
    - Final plan is now two floors instead of one
  • Same overall square footage
  • The Youth will be able to move into the new building from the 301 Building

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View slides from Building Update meeting.

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