Retreat Center

Columbia Baptist Retreat Center

10861 N. Frederick Pike

Cross Junction, VA 22625-0165

The retreat center is set just into the woods about a quarter mile off Route 522.

The retreat center has one large common room. Part of the common room is where people gather for

discussion and worship. The large windows allow you to look into the woods or across the valley.

The other part of the common room is the dining area. Groups also play games around the tables.

The retreat center’s bedrooms are located along two corridors. The lower corridor is usually reserved for men while the upper corridor is usually reserved for women. There are seven rooms with a queen-sized and a full-sized bed.

At the end of the each corridor is a room with multiple bunk beds.

In total there are thirty-eight beds. Seven rooms have a queen and twin bed, and two rooms have 12 beds in bunked arrangement.

Things to bring on a retreat

Sheets & blankets or sleeping bag




Shower shoes (optional)


Pen & paper

Games (board games, football, softball, Frisbee, etc.)

Snack foods

Snack drinks

Hiking shoes


Fishing rod (there is a small pond on the grounds stocked with bass

and trout)

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