Retreat Center

10861 N. Frederick Pike
Cross Junction, VA 22625

From Nothern Virginia

  • There are four recommended routes from the Northern Virginia area.  All four intersect with I-81:
    • Route 7 West
    • Route 50 West
    • Route 50 West via I-66 W.  Take I-66 W to Route 17 N.  Take Route 50 Wes.
    • Interstate 66

From I-81

  • Take I-81 N to exit 317.  Take Route 11 S to Route 37 S.  Follow Route 37 to Route 522 N.  Follow 522 N for 19 miles.
  • The Retreat Center will be on the left. When approaching at night, the lighted sign at the side road is easily recognized, as well as the lighted path up to the Center.  If you reach Cacapon State Park or the West Virginia border, you’ve gone too far.


  • Turn right out of Retreat Center on 522 S.  Turn left on Route 37 N.  Turn right onto I-81 S.  Take routes 7, 50 or 66 E.