Grade School

Sunday Mornings in

Grade School Ministry

At Columbia, we love grade schoolers and we want them to know how much they matter to us and to God.  Each Ignition Group (Sunday school class) is designed to engage children where they are with exciting, hands-on experiences that are fun and connect to God at every turn.  



1st - 6th Graders


3rd Floor - Room 327
All children will meet together for worship and announcements.  Each class will then move into their small group rooms to dig deeper into God's word.  Pick up will be from your child's small group room.

Sunday Mornings, 9:45 or 11:15
Grade Schoolers are encouraged to worship with their families one hour and attend IG at the other.  If you are interested in our Adult IG options, click here.


If you would like more information, please contact Rev. Layci Clifford, Director of Grade School Ministries.