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    In 2009, Columbia began funding the Pearly Gates Child Development Center in Vijayawada, India.  Our mission partner for the center is the India Baptist Convention and its president, Dr. BVR Rao, who oversees the center which is located in one of a hundred slums in the city of 10 million.  More than 100 children (with an even ratio of girls to boys) are enrolled in the center, with the requirement that parents keep their children in school until age 14.  Activities include help with their school work, creative individual and group activities such as Bible stories, games, songs, and an evening meal (with a multi-vitamin).  The center operates each evening, Monday through Saturday.
   In 2011, an additional program for expecting and nursing mothers was established at the center.  Each morning, 25 mothers comes for breakfast, Bible study, and job training (including sewing, plate making, and pickle making).  Cost per year: $40,000 for the children's program.  $36,000 for the mothers' program.
     Recently, the IBC, with Columbia's financial assistance, purchased a second facility in another slum area of the city, and will begin another Child Development Center to meet the pressing needs of so many in poverty.
    "Spend Yourself® is making a difference in the lives of scores of children and their families", as observed by another Columbia Mission Team who made the trip to Vijayawada in 2011.  The commitment of all of Columbia's congregations is to help alleviate hunger and feed souls for Christ, something we gladly do in India at the Pearly Gates Center and beyond.

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    • Pray for Kristin Clifton, Columbia Venturer in India (stop by her blog)     
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