Bible Study (Ignition Groups)

What is an Ignition Group (Bible Study)?

Columbia calls all of its Bible-based studies “Ignition Groups” or "IGs" for short.  These gatherings ignite passion for Jesus Christ by revealing God’s character and redemptive activity as recorded in the Bible and lived out in community.  The primary focus of an Ignition Group is to read a passage of Scriptures and to discuss the meaning of the passage, lessons we learn from it, and how it is relevant to our daily lives.  Most of Columbia's Ignition Group last about an hour to an hour and a half, and have around 10 to 20 participants.  Depending on the study topic, the Ignition Group may use additional material which supplements the biblical text (e.g., study guides, handouts, etc.).

Here is the list of all our Ignition Groups.

Who should attend an Ignition Group?

It is our expectation that every person attend an Ignition Group.  It is in an Ignition Group that people have the opportunity to discuss the Bible with one another and how it applies to our lives.  Additionally, it is in the small group environment of the Ignition Group that people find community, friendship and support for the highs and lows of life.  Knowing that people in the Metro DC area have busy lives, we offer Ignition Groups at various times of the week--that way everyone has the opportunity to be in a Bible study.

Are all Ignition Groups the Same?

Each Ignition Group strikes its own particular balance of studying the meaning of the Biblical text, identifying ways to apply the Biblical guidance to daily life, developing community, and spending time in prayer.  Some Ignition Groups also set aside some time for the singing of praise songs.  As a result, no two Ignition Groups are identical.  Guests to Columbia are welcome to visit several Ignition Groups before committing to one in particular.

How do I find an Ignition Group that is right for me?

It is not enough to simply attend a Bible study.  The purpose of attending a Bible study is to grow one’s faith with the support of community.  Here are some practical factors that a person needs to consider when trying to find an Ignition Group:  day of the week, your level of knowledge about Christianity and the Bible, amount of outside reading, preference or not for being with people in a similar life stage, preference or not to be in a women-only or men-only group.

If you are having trouble finding an Ignition Group, please email Eric Reiser for assistance.