What Is Discipleship?

Discipleship as growth

Being a disciple is not a static state but a growth process.  As healthy children naturally grow physically until they reach full maturity, healthy Christians should continue to grow spiritually until we achieve full maturity in heaven.

Columbia’s Definition and Model for Discipleship

http://www.columbiabaptist.org/uploads/discipleship_model_4x6.jpgTo help people understand what discipleship is, Columbia has established a common definition:  a disciple is a person who gives up the right to their own life in order to follow Jesus Christ and become like him.

Columbia has also developed a model that describes what the disciple’s life entails.  With self-denial at the core and with Jesus as the ideal example, disciples nurture the four aspects of a disciple’s life:  contemplation, community, character and calling.  Discipleship is about who we are, how we think, what we feel, how we behave and the relationship we form.  Every area of our lives can be found within the model.

To provide greater clarity about each aspect of the discipleship, we have provided descriptions of some ways each aspect is lived out:

Discipleship Model and Component Detail

Self Assessing Your Christian Discipleship

Becoming a mature disciple does not occur by happenstance but requires intentionality.  To assist you in your spiritual growth we have created a discipleship self-assessment.  It will help you identify your areas of relative strength and areas most needing development; it also may make you aware of some parts of discipleship of which you were previously unaware.

Discipleship Self Assessment

Having completed the self-assessment you should have some parts of your discipleship to focus on.  It is not realistic for you to work on every weak point.  Instead, prayerfully consider one or two parts of the disciple’s life that God is calling you to grow in.  After a few months you may want to reassess how thing are going and possibly include working on another part.

If you have questions about Columbia’s discipleship model or the self-assessment, feel free to contact Eric Reiser, Pastor for Adult Discipleship.