Waypoints is about celebrating life together. For every disciple there are pivotal events that identify transformational spiritual markers in our pursuit toward Christ-likeness. As part of Columbia’s commitment to a Church-Home Partnership, we have developed Waypoints as a means for equipping and celebrating these transformative events. Waypoints are intentional spiritual stopping places to help followers of Christ recognize God's presence in life's journey as they walk together in community.

What is a Waypoint?

A Waypoint is an event recognizing and celebrating the movement from one phase of life into the next. The event is a one-time celebration hosted by Columbia.

Waypoints is more than simply marking human development. It is an intentional partnership with the home through prayer, teaching, and practice with the goal of Christ-likeness. We believe becoming like Christ is not simply something that happens to us as we age, but is a journey we choose.

What is a Phase of Life?
This transformative process begins prior to the Waypoint event and continues on through each life stage. Each disciple’s journey is encouraged in community and is an opportunity for each disciple to accept the nurture, encouragement and accountability offered by Columbia to learn and practice our faith.

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The Family Dedication celebrates the family's commitment to nurture an individual's faith in Christ. It takes place during early childhood when children begin the Discovering phase of the physical world and of the Biblical Truths that form the foundation of our faith begin.

The Initiation Waypoint calls children on the verge of adolescence to embrace the image of Christ as their model for manhood and womanhood. It marks the transition into the Growing phase of adolescence where young people's faith and character are molded to make them men and women of God.

The Commission Waypoint sends out young men and women into the world knowing they are called by God. It marks the time when high school graduates transition into the Becoming phase, where they will recognize and live into all that God has created them to be. 

The Following the Way of Christ waypoint celebrates when experience and discernment clarify a young adult's understanding of how to follow God's established plan for their life.  The transition into
the Establishing phase is marked by a person’s commitment to faithfully follow God’s plan.

The Leading the Way waypoint recognizes persons who have begun to make a significant investment in Columbia through the sustained leading of ministry.  It marks the transition into the Investing phase when an adult's focus shifts from receiving from others to the leading of others through ministry.

The Entrust Waypoint recognizes that a person has achieved retirement from their career or profession. In the Renewing phase of life, a disciple is called to evaluate how they will invest their time and talents, and recommit to God and God's church in order to finish strong.
The Honor Waypoint is a celebration of a Columbia members achievement of 75 years of life.  In the Blessing phase of life, they not only receive the blessing of the congregation, they are encouraged to give blessing those around them in succeeding generations.

The Celebration Waypoint marks the transition of a believers’ journey from this world into the next.  In the Rising phase of our journey, we acknowledge that Christ followers not only have belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also have the assurance of rising with Christ in bodily resurrection through God’s gift of salvation.


Baptism is a symbol that celebrates a person’s commitment to trust in God through faith in Jesus Christ.  It may occur during any phase of life as a public profession of that commitment.

The wedding ceremony celebrates the joining of a man and a woman in marriage with Jesus Christ at the center of their relationship.  The commitment to enter into a life-long marriage relationship can occur during any of the adult phases of life.