Sanctuary Flower Donation

Please provide all information requested below. The date and time of your request are important in the event that more than one request is received for a particular Sunday. Requests cannot be accepted for Mother's Day, Father's Day or the Sundays in Advent. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once the form is completed, please attach your check in the amount of $40.00, payable to Columbia Baptist Church, and marked for “FLOWERS.”

The completed form and check may be left in the staff mailbox marked “Flower Committee” (Room 210), or mailed to Columbia Baptist Church, 103 W. Columbia St., Falls Church, VA 22046, ATTN: FLOWERS.

Today's Date
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Your Name
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Wording for the Order of Worship: The beautiful flowers today are given to the glory of God and Please check one:
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