Finding hope in Savane Plate

Finding Hope In Savane Plate

Many people who live in Haiti don’t have hope.  When our mission team goes somewhere in Savane Plate, many people smile or wave at us because they have hope.  They had hope because they knew that things were going to get better, and that we were helping them. 

The people there were joyful and hopeful when we came.  I have never really experienced hope like that.  When they are hopeful and joyful, that gives me hope and joy.

In Philippians 2:2, Paul writes about making “my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being in one spirit and purpose.”  I can see this with our mission team and with the believers in Savane Plate. 

Ethan Frye, Haiti Mission Team Member, May 2013 ( 12 years old)