Haiti Stories



Finding Hope In Savane Plate
Many people who live in Haiti don’t have hope.  When our mission team goes somewhere in Savane Plate, many people smile or wave at us because they have hope.  Read More


Touching Hunger in Haiti
I met hunger in Haiti and didn’t know we’d been introduced. She didn’t look like my mind’s pictures. Bloated bellies on naked children and the destitute searching through trash heaps were nowhere to be found.  Read More


   girlhaiti     The Volunteer Experience:
What would a volunteer trip to Haiti look like? What would you eat? Where would you stay? What are the people like? Read More.
   Nelta One Face of Hunger 
Although Columbia had answered a call to feed people physically and spiritually and I had done my research on this, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, I still wasn’t prepared for the face of Haiti’s poor. Read More
   girlhaiti A Prayer for Haiti
Join Columbians praying for the people of Haiti and the Spend Yourself ministry using the following prayer or one of your own.  Read More