Faith At Work

"We work to the glory of God and for the furtherance of the common good."
-- Tom Nelson

Whole Life Disciples integrate their faith to all areas of live:  home, leisure, church and work.  And given that work represents the largest time block in our life, it is essential we gain a solid biblical understanding of work and develop the capacity to live our faith at work.  Through work we glorify God, fulfill our calling to steward over the earth, provide for ourselves, and contribute to the common good of society.

Nexus Groups

Nexus Groups are four-person Ignition Groups that focus on how faith and work connect with one another.  The group discusses the nature of work in general, our specific work, the relationships we've establish through work, and our contribution to the workplace culture.  The groups meet bi-weekly for one year at times and locations set by the group.

Groups can be formed by members of a Sunday morning IG, a ministry team, men or women, or by being matched together.  Groups are continually being formed.  Contact Eric Reiser to learn more and to join a group.

Upcoming Events:

Common Good 2017 Conference
October 13, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

 The Common Good 2017 (CG17) conference was created as a way to engage in a conversation about the common good — a subject that is not often addressed directly, especially among Christians. What is the common good? Why is the common good so central to the mission of the church? And what are some practical ways we can pursue the common good, both as individuals and churches?

Columbia is the host site for the Metro Washington area.  We will join 18 other sites for this unique conference experience featuring a combination of simulcast presentations from national thought leaders (like Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson) as well as live presentations from local practitioners.

Join us as we explore the vital role of the church in pursuing and promoting the common good in our workplaces, cities, and neighborhoods.


An Inspiring Story this video about how work done well glorifies God and helps others flourish.



"Work gives meaning to life:  It is the form in which we make ourselves useful to others, and thus to God.  It shares in weaving civilization, which is the form in which others make themselves useful to us by providing us with the tools for doing our work well, and it sculpts the kind of self we are becoming through the choices we make in the handling of our talents on the job."
-- Lester DeKoster