Columbia Cares

Through Columbia Cares, we provide a level of care to members who live in a specific area and enable them to meet other local church members.  Each Columbia Cares group has a deacon tasked with facilitating care delivery within the group.  Anyone who is a member of Columbia is automatically assigned to a Columbia Cares group. To find your group, please contact Rachel Eckard.

Deacon-Led Ministry Teams

Columbia has a wide-ranging service based deacon ministry at Columbia. The Deacons lead teams to help meet key areas of need in our congregation. We encourage members and attendees to join us on these teams to ensure we have the coverage needed to care for and nurture our fellow Columbians.

If you are interested in serving on one of the teams described below, or want to learn more about a team, please contact Nancy Walker or Rachel Eckard.

Baptism and Lord's Supper Ministry - The focus of this team is to minister to persons who make a public confession of faith and would like to be baptized and to prepare and serve Lord's Supper at services.

Bereavement & Grief Ministry - The focus of this team is to minister to members and regular attendees affected by terminal illness and/or the death of a loved one. This is a ministry of visitation to the home, funeral home, funeral service, providing some care items in time of needs, as well as following up for a person's journey through the grief process.

Emergency Meal Ministry - The focus of this team is to minister to members and regular attendees who are affected by a time of crisis or upheaval in their normal schedule. This ministry provides food (home-cooked, purchased or gift certificates) for those dealing with issues such as surgery, convalescence, birth of a child, death in the immediate family.

Handyman Ministry - This team focuses on practical servanthood that provides minor household repair and maintenance in the form of recommending courses of action or referral if repair and maintenance are beyond our capabilities. We minister to Columbians lacking the expertise or physical ability to do the repairs themselves.

Homebound/Eldercare Ministry - This team focuses on persons confined to their homes, wherever their homes may be--private dwellings, retirement communities, nursing care centers, etc. This is a ministry of contact by personal invitation, phone calls or written correspondence.

Prayer & Encouragement Ministry - The focus of this team is to pray for people and send personal notes of encouragement as well.

Tech Ministry - This team focuses on persons who may need occasional help with computer problems. This team maybe able to install software, set up printers, external hard drives,scanners, routers, etc. Team members may be able to set up email accounts or perform simple troubleshooting in your home.

Transportation Ministry - The focus of this team is to provide occasional transportation to members and regular attendees at Columbia to accomplish the activities of daily living: medical, legal and others as deemed appropriate by the team. Advance notice of one week or more is recommended as service is dependent upon the availability of drivers.