Christmas at Columbia

Christmas Eve

Join us in the Sanctuary for one of three worship services at Columbia. 

3pm - Little Lights, A Christmas Eve service for families with young children.

5pm - Contemporary, A Christmas Eve service led by Columbia's worship band.*

7pm - Classic, A Christmas Eve service led by Columbia's Orchestra*

*Childcare available for children 3 years old and under

Christmas Morning LiveStream

Senior Pastor Baucom brings you a virtual Merry Christmas morning message at 10am. Tune in on our LiveStream page.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Sermon & IG Study

This year Columbia is celebrating the Advent season party style! Many of our Ignition Groups will be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by discussing the New Testament party themes from the sermon series.

December 2 & 3-  The Wedding Party                          John 2:1-11
December 10 & 11- The Publican Party                       Luke 5:27-32
December 16 & 17- The Farewell Party                       Matthew 26:17-30
December 24- The Birthday Party                                 Matthew 2:1-11

Children: Join us for a Party!
Student: Don't miss the celebration! 
Adult: Get the party started by finding and joining an IG.

Family Table Time Advent Activities & Resources

Bring Church Home by practicing the tradition of the  Advent wreath together. Family Table Time brings the family together and deepens our passion for Jesus Christ by connecting weekend worship with family practices at home. 

Week One
Week Two 
Week Three
Week Four
Christmas Day
Additional Resources