Initiate  We live in a culture that is void of any rite of passage that marks the transition from being a boy/girl into becoming a man/woman. Therefore we have boys and girls living in men's and women's bodies. Like many cultures before ours' we desire to mark the transition from childhood to man/womanhood. This Waypoint is aimed at preteens preparing to enter middle school. It will equip them and their parents with the tools and knowledge to enter into the adolescence world and live into the image of Christ, becoming the men and women God calls them to be. 
Upcoming Seminars:
  • Christ Image for My Teenager's Identity (Parents) - Sat Mar 1st 10:00-11:30am @ Crossroads
    Your teenager has a thousand different people and sources telling them who they should be. From TV ads, to peers, to celebrities, to advertising agencies, and more. In this seminar we explore who Christ says your teenager is and how parents and Columbia can partner together to form the identity of Christ in your teenager.
  • Christ Image for My Identity (Students) - Dnow Weekend
    This world and culture will attempt to tell you who you are, what you should do, and what you should value. However, Christ tells a very different story, one worth listening to. This seminar will explore the common lies teenagers believe and the truth that comes from Christ. 
  • Christ Image for My Sexual Identity (Students) - Dnow Weekend's everywhere! But the picture that is painted of sexuality in our culture is one that is damaging and frankly lame. We worship the God who created sex, should we not be the ones who talk about it. This seminar will explore our sexual identity, challenging teenagers to consider who they want to be and what they believe about sexuality. 
  • Christ Image for My Future Story (Students) - April 27th during Sunday Morning IGs
    We have all dreamed of what we will be when we grow up, but have you ever dreamed of WHO you will be? Middle school students will be asked to imagine themselves as graduating seniors and ask, "What will I value?" "What will my faith look life?" "What will my relationships look like?" "How will I invest my time and talents?" and more. 
Upcoming Events
  • Mother/Daughter Event - May 9-10th
  • Father/Son Event - May 9-10th