Times And Locations

English Congregation

Services are held at the Falls Church and Bailey’s Crossroads Campuses.
Crossroads Campus: 3245 Glen Carlyn Rd, Falls Church, VA
Falls Church Campus: 103 West Columbia Street, Falls Church, VA

Saturday: Café:  6:00 pm, Stephenson Hall/Room 228


Contemplative Worship:  8:30 am, Chapel

Celebration Worship:  9:45 am, Sanctuary

Crossroads Worship:  11:00am, Crossroads Campus

Classic Worship:  11:15 am, Sanctuary

Sunday at Crossroads Campus:   Contemporary Service: 11:00am


Language Congregations

Arabic Congregation Columbia@Falls Church

Sunday: 6:00pm Worship, Chapel

Saturday: 7:30pm Bible Study


Brazilian Congregation

Bohrer Park Activity Center

506 S Frederick Ave Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Sundays: 10:30am


Hispanic Columbia @Crossroads
(Communidad Cristiana Renacer)


8:30am Worship, Worship Center

2:30pm Bible Study

3:30pm Worship, Worship Center

Wednesday: 7:00pm Mid-week Worship


Hispanic Columbia@Falls Church
(Iglesia Bautista Hispana Columbia)


2:00pm Servicio de Adoración, Sanctuary

4:00pm Escuela Biblica Dominical, Room 309

Wednesday: 7:00pm Culto de Oración, Chapel


Korean Congregation Columbia@Falls Church


7:00am Worship, Chapel

11:15am Worship, Chapel

Wednesday:  7:30pm Bible Study, Room 101


Vietnamese Congregation Columbia@Falls Church
(Vietnamese Renaissance)


3:00pm Worship, Chapel

5:30pm Worship Service on Radio (online at www.radiohaingoai.com)

Wednesday: 7:30pm Worship Service on Radio (online at www.radiohaingoai.com)

Thursday: 7:00pm Prayer Meeting, Chapel