Meet Our Pastor

There are a lot of good churches, and even some great ones, but there is only one Columbia! Igniting Passion for Jesus Christ from Metro Washington to the World in seven languages and fourteen stylistically unique weekend worship services in three locations (to date), Columbia is truly many congregations in one large church. What binds us together as a close-knit family is our common mission, our deep love for Jesus Christ, our unyielding commitment to the Bible as God's Word, and our determination to make a difference in the world.

Four areas of intense focus define our mission of Igniting Passion for Jesus Christ: Fantastic Worship (in multiple styles and languages), Family Ministry (through every phase of life), Feeding the Hungry (physically and spiritually), and Faith Formation (to make true disciples of Jesus). Whether leading praise or feeding the hungry of Haiti and India, facilitating Bible study or strengthening faithful marriages, teaching children or stocking our food pantry, proclaiming God's Word or helping youth become young champions for Christ, we seek to honor God with compassion and excellence.

As soon as I came to serve Columbia as Senior Pastor in 2002 at the age of 38, I knew I would finish out my ministry here. Columbia is a remarkable church with amazing potential in an unbelievably rich mission field.  Located within the DC beltway along I-66 just six miles from the White House, we know that we can change the world if we can reach Metro DC with the grace and love of Jesus. Worshipping in one of our congregations on any given weekend, you are just as likely to discover around you a powerful politician, military leader, young entrepreneur, diplomat or intelligence officer as a committed homemaker, driven doctor, attorney, contractor or journalist.  Columbians are as likely to live in distant suburbs or urban corridors as just around the corner. In part, our potential to reach the world lies in our cultural, geographic and ethnic diversity.

Columbia is a difficult place to describebut a rare and special church family. I suggest you experience its warm welcome in authentic community for yourself. I look forward to meeting and knowing you personally!

Rich Blessings,

Dr. James E. (Jim) Baucom, Jr.

Senior Pastor