About Haiti

Spend Yourself® Haiti (Partner: World Vision)
  • Partnership Date: November 15, 2009
  • Location: Savane Plate, Central Plateau
  • Population: 1800, including 600 children
  • Projects:
    • Phase I (2010-2011): Goats, chickens, oxen, plows, and home drinking water filtration systems.  Construction of a 30-acre lake, for irrigation and fish farming, stocked with 5,000 fish.  Cost: $250,000 (funded and completed).
    • Phase II (2012-2013): Construction of a farm tool depot. Additional drinking water purification systems and construction of 50 latrines.  Training in hygiene and latrine care.  Cost: $300,000 (funded and completed).
    • Child Sponsorships: $35/month/child. Presently, 145 children sponsored.  Need: Sponsors for 75 more children.
    • Phase III Proposal from World Vision is expected in the coming weeks. Likely projects: 50 more latrines, 3 more hand pump drinking water wells, irrigation extension with additional pump, sugar cane production expansion, grain grinding mill, 100 more home drinking water filtration systems. Anticipated Cost: $250,000
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                     CHILD SPONSORSHIP

Make a difference in a child's life. Consider sponsoring a child in the Savane Plate area, Haiti.  It's as easy as 1,2,3:          
  1. Visit the Sponsorship Table in Room 229 on Sunday mornings during the month of December. Request a packet and complete the information on the card.
  2. Include your first monthly gift of $35.
  3. Seal the envelope and hand it to the missions official.


About Spend Yourself® Haiti

          Columbia is partnering with World Vision International to address hunger in Savane Plate, Haiti, located in the Central Plateau. In 2010-2011, Phase I (costing $250,000) has provided the people of Savane Plate with: 

  • training for 50 church and community leaders, empowering them to drive the development of their communities;
  • an 8 million gallon lake stocked with 5,000 tilapia, and providing a source of protein and dietary diversity, enabling the irrigation of at least 35 acres of land that were previously unsuitable for farming;
  • 10 oxen and 5 plows, allowing approximately 50 additional acres to be tilled during the planting season;
  • filtration systems for 200 families (1,000 people), increasing access to potable water and decreasing the occurrence of nutrient-depleting illnesses; and
  • 150 goats, 300 hens, and 200 guinea fowl, providing a source of income on food for families.

The objectives of Phase II:   

  1. enhanced spiritual development and economic opportunities through strengthened church and community groups;
  2. surplus crops and livestock through improved agricultural production and storage techniques;
  3. elevated health and livelihoods through church and community-driven education campaigns on clean water and proper sanitation and hygiene practices; and
  4. sponsorship of 215 children in the area.
The cost for Phase II is $298,620 for items 1–3, plus $90,300 per year for item 4.

For more information about Spend Yourself® Haiti, contact Courtney Benton, Spend Yourself® Haiti lay leader, or Greg Loewer, Pastor for Missions.

Get Involved

  There are various ways you can get involved:
  • PRAY
    Join us in prayer for the Haitian people as you realize they are living hungry.

    Donate now by going to our Online Giving page. Sign up for an account and designate Spend Yourself® World Hunger Relief for your contribution.

  • PARTICIPATE IN A MISSION TRIP Learn about our recent May 2013 Mission trip here.

    In partnership with World Vision, Columbia has sponsored 120+ kids and counting. Would you join us in making a difference in the life of one of these children, too? For more information and packet availability, contact Missions Office, x262 or x288.