Commission  The Commission Waypoint occurs as students graduate high school. Developmentally, this is one of the greatest transitions that young people experience in our culture. It marks the movement into adulthood. In the life of the family this is also one of the largest transition a family makes. The transition that often gets overlooked is the spiritual one. We believe that we are called to equip students to be commissioned as missionaries to their world at this life transition The seminars and events for this Waypoint take all these transitions into account and attempt to prepare student and family for this next phase of life. 

Upcoming Events:
  • Dec 17th - men's and women's ministries are both hosting morning events at Columbia. Grab your parents and come out. The women are exchanging ornaments and Carlton Gravatt is speaking to the men on character for breakfast.
  • Dec 18th - Breakfast for dinner at the Cooks at 6pm. Bring one wrapped gift (funny, useful, need to get rid of) from your house for an exchange. No need to buy something.
  • Jan 15/16 - Overnight at the retreat center. We will leave after church, grab dinner out there and return home around lunch or do Monday. You still have most of your long weekend free. It's a great time to get away.


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