2017 Banquet: An Evening In New York
Friday, February 10, 6pm -8pm
Stephenson Hall
(appetizer hour begins at 5 pm)
Join Columbians age 65 and over for a wonderful evening of food and live entertainment from the Big Apple! Music and laughter will be heard from Central Park to Times Square! Cost: $5.

The Struggle Is Real:

Mental Health Issues And The Mission of The Church
Saturday, March 4, 9am - 3pm
Lunch included in cost of $15
Church members, pastors, small group leaders, counselors, mental health advocates, coaches, crisis responders, chaplains and more can come together to have a new conversation and learn together about "Mental Health and the Mission of the Church."

Continuing Education Credits for counselors and mental health professionals will be available for this event. It is sponsored by the AACC. More info on how to receive the credits coming soon.

Event Line Up:

Greg Surrat :The Bible and mental health. Theology of discipleship and mental health.

Dr. Warren Kinghorn: Clinical diagnoses. The good of labels, and how Christians need to think passed diagnosis and labels.

Dr. Michael Lyles: "Everybody's Got Something" - Scientific and Biblical myths and the Samaritan approach.

Frank Page: Suicide. A Theology of He. A theology of presence. A theology of life.

Dr. Ron Hawkins: Soul care.

Diane Langber: Abuse/Trauma/Violence - Being a church that follows Christ down into the dungeons of the world.

Ian Jones: Situational depression and transparency. Church, church services and one-anothering.

Timothy Jennings: What do you believe?

Dr. Ed Stetzer: Mental health and the church.

Siang-Yang Tan: Psychology collaborating with the church: A pastor-psychologist perspective and personal experience.