Abrakadoodle® Art

Abrakadoodle® Art   

This award-winning art and creativity program was voted "Best Art Class to Bring Out Your Child's Inner Picasso."  The imaginative art education curriculum was developed by artists and educatiors, and exceeds the National Standards for Visual Arts Education.  Each art class offers a unique educational experience. Each child's art is an original!

Twoosy Doodlers

This special parent/child class is often the first education program for our "Twoosys." Children learn about color, texture, and more, while experimenting with new and innovative materials.  Parents/caregivers learn what they can do to help nurture creativity.

         AGES:  children 20 - 36 months, with parent or caregiver
         WHEN:  TBD (more information to come - check back at a later time)
         INSTRUCTOR:  Sue Strand Walia
         COST:  $360.00 (18 classes at $20.00- includes materials)
         CLASS ATTIRE:  Painting aprons will be provided

Mini Doodlers
Mini Doodlers gleefully create their own masterpieces, using a wide range of high quality art materials. Children develop important school readiness abilities, such as fine motor skills, ability to listen and follow directions, cognitive skills, language, and more, in an enchanting environment that develops individual creativity through the use of materials including watercolors, tempera paints, oil pastels, creative tools and more. 

         AGES: boys and girls, ages 3-6
         WHEN: TBD (more information to come - check back at a later time)
         INSTRUCTOR:  Sue Strand Walia
         COST:  $360 (18 classes at $20.00- includes materials)
         CLASS ATTIRE:  Painting aprons will be provided

For information regarding class dates, contact Bob Prather, Director, Columbia Institute of Fine Arts,