Bilingual [Spanish-English] Learning

Columbia Child Development Center offers an afternoon Bilingual Program because we believe in the unique ability young children hold to acquire language skills and build first-rate verbal processing skills, proven to play a critical role in their cognitive development. We also believe that ..." childhood programs are responsible for creating a welcoming environment that respects diversity, supports children's ties to their family and community, and promotes both second language acquisition and preservation of children's home languages and cultural identities. Linguistic and cultural diversity is an asset, not a deficit, for young children" (Source NAEYC 2009: Where we Stand to responding on Linguistic and Cultural Diversity)

"Columbia's afternoon Bilingual classes are quite wonderful and unique; offering an experience for your child which is neither rote nor contrived, rather a beautiful melding of Spanish and English in a most natural way." ~B. Youmans 

"Spanish is taught in a conversational format, through play and meaningful, intentional interactions among teachers and peers" - A. Ceballos

What does research say about the prime time for children to learn a language...

Benefits of Learning a Second Language at a Young Age:

  • Boosts brain development
  • Enriches mental and verbal development
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Increases listening skills
  • Develops a life-long love of communicating with others
  • Enhances English language abilities
  • Encourages openness and acceptance of other cultures 
  • Provides a solid foundation for future Bilingual Learning

What do CDC parents say about the Program...

"As a parent I cannot say enough good things about Columbia Baptist Preschool. My children LOVE coming to school, and I know it is because my children know that their teachers love them. Columbia Baptist provides a warm, kind, and gentle environment for children to learn and grow. God loves his children, and the teachers and staff at Columbia Baptist demonstrate His love on a daily basis. I could not be happier!" ~Afternoon Bilingual Parent of a 2 and 4 year old

"My son loves the program. What he does in the program is often what he is gushing about at the end of the day." ~Afternoon Bilingual Parent from the CDC's Full Day program.

Full day families, "It's worth the extra money. If you want your child to be exposed to another language, this is truly the best way. And the kids don't even realize they're learning so much. It is truly immersion."~Afternoon Bilingual Mom from the CDC's Full Day program.

"Both of my children currently attend Columbia Baptist Child Development Center with the full day program. My older (Jr. K) child also attends the afternoon dual-language program each day. Both programs are amazing! My son is very engaged by the dual language. He is learning so much Spanish and he's only 5! The teachers and staff guide the children in being creative and solving problems, while still helping them learn routines and positive social skills. I work full-time each day with the assurance that my kids are loved and being well-taken care of." Afternoon Bilingual Mom from CDC's Full Day Program

"Our oldest child loves Spanish learning so much we want to sign her 2 year old brother up too!" Bilingual Program Dad -3 year old's class

 Half Day Bilingual Program  Class Options

September - May

2 year old Class, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (2 years old by Sept 30 and children do not need to be potty trained )

3 Days - W/Th/F

Three-Year Old Classes, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm  (3 years old by Sept. 30 and children should be working toward or fully potty trained)

2 Days - T/Th 
3 Days - M/W/F 

Four-Year Old Classes, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (4 years old by Sept. 30 and fully potty trained)

5 Days - M - F 

Class Option for Full Day Program Enrolled Children, 5 days