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Now in our 10th year, Spend Yourself® supports 4 Children’s Development Centers in the city of Vijayawada, India.  With Dr. BVR Rao overseeing the ministry, the Centers provide tutoring, meals, recreation, and Biblical instruction to 250+ students.  The Centers were established in 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2016.  Each day after school (six days per week), children come to the Centers for tutoring, Bible stories and songs, and a meal.

Starting Date:June14, 2009
Mission Partner: India Baptist Convention (Dr. BVR Rao, General Secretary)
Location: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Population: Approximately 1,000,000
Cost: The basic cost formula for the meals is $1/day/child.  Other needs include tutoring and food transportation. 
2016 cost: $94,172 (includes transportation van purchase)

The Centers

The Centers, each located in a slum, operate every evening that school is in session, Monday through Saturday.  Parents enroll their children (both girls and boys) and agree that they will keep their kids in school until at least age 14.  Daily activities include help with their school work, creative individual and group activities such as Bible stories, games, and songs, along with a nutritious evening meal.  In addition, occasional special events gather all the children for programs and celebration.   Many Center alumni report that their years in the Centers were especially beneficial, as now they are pursuing studies and careers in biology, botany, economics, commerce, and electrical contracting.  They also thank Dr. Rao and the staff “for teaching me about Jesus.”

Ramavarrappadu (Pearly Gates)
The first Center was established in 2009.  There are 100 children enrolled.

The second Center was established in 2012.  There are 50 children enrolled.

The third Center was opened in June 2014. Today, there are 50 girls enrolled from the Beggars Tribe, in which girls are especially at risk of being forced into prostitution and trafficking.  Added education and nutrition at the Center is helping to provide a better future.

Baucom (Raja Rajeswari Pet)
The fourth Center opened in June 2016, in one of the largest slums of the city.  The Center was name by the people there in honor of Columbia’s senior pastor.   There are 50 children enrolled.

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Pray for our Centers
Pray for the people of India who are gripped by the desperate nature of hunger and poverty.  Pray for the staff and leaders at each of the Child Development Centers.  Pray for the children whose lives and families are positively impacted because they receive educational help, nourishing food, and the Gospel of God’s love.

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