About Spend Yourself® Haiti

Start Date: November 15, 2009
Location: Savane Plate, Central Plateau
Population: 1800, including 600 children

Columbia's World Vision Haiti Video

Development Vision

The goal of long-term development is that community become self-sustaining, self-sufficient, self-supporting.  In Savane Plate, the measures of food security, clean water, sanitation/hygiene, and economic development are changing the community dramatically.  The continued march and positive cycle of "projects-hope-transformation, projects-hope-transformation" is evident, especially now as the community residents are beginning to conduct projects themselves. 

Admittedly, this is new territory for them, but by God's grace they are learning that what they can do by His Spirit.   “Because of these projects, not only is our community changed, but we are changing our way of thinking.”  They know they serve a can do Lord; now they are learning just what it means to be a can do people

It is also new territory for Columbia, as we prepare for the eventual move to an additional “equal partner community” for long-term development projects there.


Phase I (2010-2011): Goats, chickens, oxen, plows, and home drinking water filtration systems. Construction of a 10-acre lake, for irrigation and fish farming, stocked with 5,000 fish. Cost: $250,000 (funded and completed).

Phase II (2012-2013): Construction of a farm tool depot. Additional drinking water purification systems and construction of 50 latrines. Training in hygiene and latrine care. Cost: $300,000 (funded and completed).

Phase III Proposal (2014-2015): Construction of a hand pump drinking water well, 50 more latrines and a sugar cane processing unit. Cost: $165,000 (funded and completed).

Phase IV (2016-2017): Additional well, 50 more latrines, equipment/training for fish breeding in the Lake, additional drinking water filtration systems, soil conservation plantings, sanitation/hygiene training. Cost: $285,000 (funded and in progress)

Phase V (Anticipated 2018): Two additional wells, more latrines.  Cost:  $150,000-$200,000

Child Sponsorship

Making a difference in a child's life is as easy as 1,2,3:  

  1. Call or email the Missions Office anytime to request a sponsorship packet.
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  3. Complete the information card and include your first monthly gift of $39.  Seal the envelope and hand it to the missions staff or volunteer.

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