Fundraising and Corporate Sponsorship

Why Fundraise?

The main purpose of this race is to fundraise for our three mission areas - Falls Church Food Pantry & Gardens, Four Child Development Centers in Vijayawada, India and the community of Savane Plate in Haiti. The registration fees only cover the costs of the race.

Through fundraising, you can come alongside many of your neighbors to ensure we are caring for those in need long-term. Spend Yourself® is focused in three specific areas to provide a sustained effort to enable those we serve and build capacity. We have found that family, friends and colleagues are excited to join us in this journey because our development programs directly change lives and provide opportunities for those we serve.

Your fundraising efforts are meaningful and directly focused on our missions. We have resources to help you fundraise. You're not alone. Those who obtain at least $500 in sponsorship contributions by Nov 5, 2017, will receive official Spend Yourself® swag!

Let us know if you have any questions, or if you have a contact for a corporate sponsor. We would love to add the name of your contact on our shirt and promotion materials. 

Where do I find the link to my fundraising page?

If you have registered to run or walk then you can copy and paste your fundraising page link by logging into  Once logged in, simply click on My Profile (top right side of page), then My Fundraisers.  You will find your fundraiser URL.  Copy and paste that URL into emails, and on social media, so folks can sponsor you!  

Team Fundraisers:  Individual and team fundraising page links can be used.  All donations to an individual automatically add to the team total and will show on the team fundraising page.

How can I ask or become a corporate sponsor?

It's simple!  Download the Corporate Sponsorship Form to fill out or pass along to the right point of contact.  The form provides the the donation levels, as well as all the value-added promotion that comes with each one!  All forms, logos and money are needed by November 3 if sponsoring at the $500 level or higher.