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Your faithful giving enables Columbia to fulfill it's vision of igniting passion for Jesus Christ from Metro Washington to the World!

Spend Yourself ®Christmas Wish List

  • $5                    Food Pantry:  2 boxes of spaghetti and a jar of sauce.
  • $11                  India: Transporting food to the Children’s Center for one night
  • $12                  India: Tutors for the Children’s Centers for one night.
  • $40                  Haiti: Two portable handwashing stations for families, churches, schools.
  • $100                Food Pantry: 100 boxes of oatmeal, 100 loaves of bread, or 100 bags of rice.
  • $250                Food Pantry: 32-oz shelf-stable milk for all pantry clients for one week.
  • $500                Food Pantry: Cooking/Nutrition Training Course for 25 persons.
  • $1,000             Food Pantry: A week of food for 50 Families.
  • $2,000             Haiti: 50 Family Latrines. 
  • $5,000             India: Meals for 250 children for 20 days.
  • $15,000           India: Operation of One Children’s Center for a Year (50 children).
  • $20,000           Haiti: Another Drinking Water Well.

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      Cash or checks made payable to Columbia Baptist may be placed in yellow Spend Yourself giving envelopes located on church ministry walls or in the sanctuary pews.