United & Inspired

If Sunday’s G2G2 Commitment and Celebration Sunday had to be summed up in two words, they would be unity and inspire.  Unity is defined as “the state of being united or joined as a whole”.  When a community as diverse as Columbia comes together unified over a shared vision and passion, powerful things happen.  In fact, the Spirit is given freedom to move in powerful, powerful ways.  We saw this over and over in the days leading up to this weekend’s celebration as long-time, faithful members of Columbia stepped forward to give generous and transformational gifts to G2G2. Then on Sunday morning, family after family walked to the front of the worship center and intentionally, purposefully and joyfully placed their cards into the slots in one of two doors prepared for the occasion.



It was a calling to every single Columbian to commit to following the call God had placed on their heart as we, individually and corporately, take hold of the work God has given us to do; “opening a new front door to Metro Washington and the world!”  This is no small calling and one that can’t be undertaken by just a few.  It’s a God-sized calling and one that is only possible as a community of God’s people become unified and passionate to answer the call.  United, Columbia answered that call!

Inspire is simply defined as “to make someone want to do something or to cause someone to have a feeling or emotion”.  The worship offered to God through singing was just that; inspiring.  Generations gathered on the stage from first graders to senior adults to sing in unison songs of praise to a God that reigns in all and above all!  The children were clapping and tapping their toes, as adults lifted their arms high above in praise to our great God.  It was nothing less than inspiring!  Hearing of the transformational gift of $1M from one Columbian inspired many to not miss out on being a part of what God is doing in and through Columbia.


The evening’s Celebration event was no less Spirit filled.  Gathering from generation to generation in our “new building” painted on the parking lot was beautiful.  Children ran around and played with teenagers as adults visited with new and old friends.




We worshiped together and literally lifted our prayers to the heavens as paper lanterns were released into the dark night sky.  It was breathtaking.  It was beautiful.  It was inspiring.



It’s not a new building that inspires this kind of unity and deep worship of God.  It’s the call to live and grow as a disciple of Christ and recognizing that a building, old or new, is simply a tool used to gather God’s people for equipping, encouragement and experiencing God in the community He has given us.

Columbians are inspired to take their “next step” in being part of the work God is doing.  Columbians are inspired to take their “next step” in their faith journey by trusting God to provide for their every need as they generously open their hand to His work.  Columbians are inspired to take their “next step” in looking forward to those whom God will bring in the years and generations to come while looking back to honor those who have come before them.  Columbians are inspired to take their “next step” to join other Columbians in a unified effort to passionately pursue Jesus Christ in all that He calls us to do.

You do not want to miss being a part of the work to which God has called Columbia!  Have you taken your “next step”?