The Last Mile

Earlier this week, the following letter was sent to all Columbians.


October 3, 2016

Dear Fellow Columbian:

We are so close now, we can almost hear the shovel breaking ground! After years of working together to reach a finish line finally in view, we announced at last night’s G2G2 celebration that we had surpassed the $9 million mark in total (G2G + G2G2) pledging! That leaves us less than $1.5 million from the trigger point to begin construction. As we will receive a number of additional pledges and gifts in the next two weeks leading up to Victory Sunday on October 16, we are very, very close, indeed. It’s time to close the gap and start opening that “new front door!”

The commitment events of yesterday inspired some to increase their pledges and others to join the charge. It was thrilling to announce that we had finally received a transformational gift last week (not a pledge, but cash-in-hand) of $1 million from one generous Columbian, the largest single contribution in our church’s history. That offering is a game-changer, but no more so than the generous gifts and pledges of so many faithful givers. Calls are coming in to increase pledge amounts, with some even choosing to double their commitments after witnessing this church’s unity and generosity yesterday.

Now is the time for you to join the faithful chorus and put us over the top. We need to receive your gifts and pledges in the next two weeks to sing a song of victory on October 16. Now is the time for you to sign your name to the “new front door” by completing and signing a pledge card, if you haven’t already. We need your promise to write a new chapter of victory on October 16. Now is the time for you to take the next step. We need your feet in the parade of God’s faithfulness to begin marching through that doorway on October 16. Let’s answer God’s call with a resounding “YES” and finish what we started in the next two weeks.

You can be the one who pushes this cracked door wide open. You can be the one who plants the groundbreaking shovel into the thawing ground this spring. You can be the one who ensures that our debt to build is as small as possible. You can be the one who adds your gift or pledge at just the right moment to push us right over the top. God knows who that “last mile” person will be. Is God leading you to be that person?

To those of you who have already given and pledged, I cannot thank you enough. It is a joy and honor to be Columbia’s Senior Pastor right now and among the faithful who have made large commitments. It has been a long, hard slog, and the work is far from finished, but we are on the brink of “opening a new front door to Metro Washington and the world” together. What a thrill! God is good!!


Dr. Jim Baucom, Senior Pastor