Practical Matters (Now is the time)

G2G2 Victory Sunday is just a few days away.

During G2G, our architectural consulting firm at the time, H&H, led us through an extensive evaluation of our growth trends and needs, and the current construction proposal is a response to their findings. G2G was largely centered on “technical matters” such as growth projections and facility needs. G2G2 has built on that foundation by focusing our congregation on the missional need to “open a new front door” to Metro Washington. Through both campaigns, there have been some practical matters we have never really discussed. Accordingly, here are four practical reasons why now is the time to get this done:

  • Construction Costs – Over the past several years, construction costs have begun to rise in our area and across the nation. There is a lot of construction already underway around us with much more planned and projected. Costs of construction materials such as steel are rising dramatically after years of decline and price Likewise, labor costs are beginning to rise again. Now is the time because construction costs are almost certain to be much higher in the future.
  • Interest Rates – Borrowing costs have been at historic lows for several years and remain low at present. However, there are many signs that they are about to rise The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has recently raised its target rates and given notice that it intends to raise them several more times. Foreign governments like Japan, China, and others have suddenly become sellers rather than buyers of sovereign debt, especially US Treasuries. The 10 year T-note, the bellwether of long-term interest rates, has begun to rise above key levels. Now is the time, because borrowing is almost certain to become much more expensive in the near future.
  • Growth Window – We have a unique opportunity right now to accelerate our growth. With a Senior Pastor and core staff team who have 15-20 years more to give of our ministry careers, the next ten years are a critical window for growth that will likely determine the future trajectory of our church. We have been “bumping up against” physical barriers to growth for years in our current facilities. Now is the time, because this kind of window for growth will not likely be open again for another 25-30 years.
  • Community Change – The area around Falls Church, North Arlington, and Eastern Fairfax County is booming as it has not since the 1950’s and 60’s. The projects and plans being approved for Falls Church will render it a much more densely packed urban village in the next decade, and Columbia’s current facilities are out of step with the new “look and feel.” When change came in the 1950’s, Columbia not only kept up, but got ahead of the curve. Now is the time because Columbia will get lost in this shuffle if we do not get ahead of the curve

Now is God’s time. We are Christ’s church. Let’s get it done quickly and move on to the better stuff of life and ministry together!

Now is the time to open a new front door.