Letter From Dr. Jim Baucom

Letter Dated November 14, 2016

Dear Fellow Columbian:

Just about every day now, some good Columbian is asking me, “Since we are so close to opening a new front door to Metro Washington, how can we close the gap and break ground?” The question is understandable, because G2G and G2G2 have left us just over $1 million away from the pledged giving trigger point of $10.5 million. We are so close that we can see light coming through the crack in that new front door!

Our Generation to Generation Steering Team has been working on a number of creative solutions to close the gap and presented them to the Ministry Coordinating Council for approval. The most significant of them is the “selling” of “Front Door Shares” to raise the additional money. The idea is fairly simple, and other churches have used it to great effect. 2,200 Front Door Shares are being made available to people associated with Columbia in any way at a cost of $500 each. When they are all sold, we break ground.

These shares have only one value: they help close the gap and finish the job. Some do not feel comfortable pledging, but they can purchase Front Door Shares. Others might receive a special blessing from God like a bonus, raise, or refund, and they, too, can purchase Front Door Shares. Still others might be former Columbians or persons who are involved in Columbia for brief stints, and they can also purchase Front Door Shares. Some may want to purchase one or two shares as an expression of gratitude to God this Thanksgiving, and others may purchase them as Christmas gifts for friends and family who love Columbia. A group of students might pool their resources to purchase a share, or an Ignition Group could pool theirs to do the same. The possibilities are endless.

A good friend of mine pastored a church that used this strategy to close a similar gap several years ago. The idea came from one of his leaders, and he wasn’t so sure about it. To his shock, shares he thought it might take years to sell in the wake of a large capital campaign were gone in months. Breaking a relatively large sum of money into manageable chunks helps us understand how we can close the gap together. The G2G2 Team thinks we can be successful, too.

We have about a year to close this gap without slowing down the building process. There is a lot of preparation work to be done, anyway, before ground can be broken. If we are able to sell these Front Door Shares in the next twelve months or so, we will be off and running. Let’s close the gap!


Dr. Jim Baucom, Senior Pastor