G2G2 Kick Off Weekend

This weekend is Kick-Off Weekend for Generation to Generation II!  G2G2 is the culmination of work conducted over the period of a year and a half.  During the first part of 2015, the Futures Team was formed to identify a strategy purposed to bridge the gap between the $5.5M pledged in the G2G Campaign and the total cost of the project.  A revised lower cost proposal was approved by the church in December 2015 for a new 1,200+ seat worship center and enhanced children’s and educational space in the church’s existing facilities.

During this weekend’s worship services, the church will vote to confirm the approved proposal and authorize proceeding with the proposed $17.8M project.  Once confirmed, the church will embark on a six week fundraising campaign, G2G2, to provide the funding necessary for initiating this project.

Over the past several weeks, much work has taken place related to the G2G2 Campaign.  Information was sent to all Columbians regarding the proposed project and fundraising campaign.  This information has also been made available on the church’s web site.  In order to give an opportunity to learn more about the proposed project and to answer questions, information sessions were held for IG leaders and members at large the past two Sundays.  To continue providing as much information as possible to all Columbians, an Information Booth will be in Stephenson Hall (at Gathering Grounds) before and after all services on Sunday from September 11-October 16.  Please stop by the table with your questions, stories and feedback.  We’d love to hear from you!

The G2G2 Leadership Team has been very busy in all aspects of the campaign which you will see unfold over the next six weekends.  In our preparation, we have found great joy!  Joy in working together as brothers and sisters in Christ, as the church moves toward “opening a new front door to Metro Washington and the World”!

Jim Frye