Over 10,000 people walk through our building every week, and we want it to reflect who we are and our passion for Jesus Christ. For Generation to Generation 2 to be successful, we must embrace our roles as stewards of Columbia and invest in our future while taking on a minimal amount of debt.

Our building proposal is $17.8 million. We’ve already raised $10.2 million in pledges and have received $7.1 million. Once we have $10.5 million pledged, we will obtain financing for the balance, break ground and begin construction.

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Q: How much will the new building project cost?

A: $17.8 million (25% less than G2G)

Q: How long will it take to build?

A: 20-24 months after we break ground

Q: When do we break ground?

A: Once we have $10.5 million pledges and have received a total of $4.4 million, we can start on the blueprint and permitting process. Once those components are complete, we can break ground.

Q: Where will the remaining $7.3 come from?

A: Once we reach our pledge goals, we will finance the remaining cost

Q: Can we still use the current building while the new one is being built?

A: We will be able to continue to use most of the building during construction. There may be times when we cannot use an area of the building for short periods of time. In those cases, we will inform everyone as quickly as possible.

Q: What will happen to the current sanctuary?

A: The current sanctuary will become the new chapel.

Q: How do I donate to G2G2?

A: You can stop by the G2G2 Table at Gathering Grounds on Sunday between services or set up your donation through your ACS account.

Q: I donated to G2G, do I need to also donate to G2G2?

A: Thank you for donating to the G2G campaign! It was the most successful capital campaign in the history of Columbia! However, we still need additional funds to build our new front door to Washington and the world. Your G2G2 pledge will be in addition to your G2G pledge.

Q: How much money was donated to G2G?

A: In 2013, $5.5 million was pledged to G2G. We have received approximately, $3.3 million from those pledges.

Q: Does this take the place of my regular church contribution?

A: No, it does not take the place of your regular contribution. Columbia relies on your regular contribution to keep the lights on!

Q: Can I have my pledge automatically withdrawn from my checking account?

A: You can schedule an automatic payment through your bank. 

Q: How do I fill out my pledge card?

A: This is an all new pledge. This is in addition to your G2G pledge.

Q: When should I start paying on my G2G2 pledge?

A: We recommend that you begin paying on your G2G2 pledge right away. If you still need to complete your G2G pledge, you can either wait until that pledge is complete or pay on both pledges at the same time. It’s up to you.

Q: How long do I have to fulfill my pledge?

A: We recommend fulfilling your pledge over the course of three years with weekly or monthly donations. However, you are welcome to complete your pledge earlier!